Hi and welcome to my blog. I’m Mikki Roderick-Schafer, and I love to write romance infused fiction. Below you’ll find a little information about my writing, my characters, and me.

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In January 2013 I ended my 8 1/2 year career with the USPS. I was employed as an OIC at a small one man post office that had been looked at to be closed. I worked six days a week and wrote when I could. I am now employed as a Medicolegal Death Investigator for a Medical Examiner’s Office. I find the job intriguing and somber at the same time for someone has to die in order for me to go to work.

My characters may or may not be based on someone you know or live nearby. My most ‘colorful’ characters come from my connection with Law Enforcement. While working as a Jailer in 2001 I started a story, which later became Watching Over You. I put the story on hold after my Mother passed away later that year, then forgot about it. During the winter of 2009/2010 my daughter wanted something to read to help meld the Christmas School Break hours away and chose that story from four others. After two days she threw the unfinished manuscript at me and, in a voice I thought was reserved for the movie ‘The Exorcist’, said, “I want more!” So, I began working on the story again and was able to finish it by March of 2010. When I had finished the story it was passed off to my daughter, who, with no reservations, made her opinion known that the ending would never do. I re-wrote the ending and in May of 2010 I self published Watching Over You. Having a book in my hands that I had written was a dream come true for me.

Though originally not intended for public reading Watching Over You found an audience. Through the support, encouragement and requests of my daughter, friends and neighbors who read and enjoyed Watching Over You I began writing the sequel, In Plain View. In an effort to not disappoint my readers I continued with the main characters and added a few more to flavor the story. I also sought out two independent proof readers to limit any typos. I finished and self published In Plain View by February 2011. The stories flow best when In Plain View is read as a continuation of Watching Over You, as if a single book.

Because of numerous requests from those who have read and loved the first two books a third book is in the plans. John, Anne, Dennis, Beverly, Rose and Erik will embark on new adventures in the future.
Check this web page, or my Blog, for information on the third story as it progresses.


Through the many years of jotting down thoughts and translating feelings into words I remember hearing many times over other writers, saying, “Write about what you know,” so, I did.

When all totaled I have spent over 12 years working in Law Enforcement in one form or another. I started out as a Dispatcher for Police/Fire/Ambulance in a metropolitan city then moved on to the Records Department and then to the Front Desk as a Police Service Officer. After the birth of my second child I chose to stay home with the children for a while. We then moved to Minnesota where after a few years I wanted to go back to work. I was able to find a job, in what else, Law Enforcement, and started working as a Jailer/Dispatcher for a smaller Sherrif’s Office. Then, almost at a point of no return I realized that my children were growing up without me, so I quit. I needed to be active in their lives even if it was for a short time. After my son graduated from High School and was in the Army I started working from home transcribing police statements. After six years plus of listening to horror stories and hearing the same people make the same mistakes over and over again I had my first nightmare. At that point in my life I made some changes and started writing more as stress relief, which brings me back to ‘Write About What You Know.’

The characters in my stories my be flawed with some being just as ugly on the inside as they are on the outside. Each character is based off of something I’ve learned, or observed, about another person that has connected to me in one form or another through the years. If you look close enough you’ll notice human qualities in my characters that you’ll find in someone you know.

~*~   “In the world of imagination, all things belong.” ~ Richard Hugo   ~*~

I came across an issue in my second book. Part of me didn’t want to write something that ‘might’ offend someone who may read my book. I thought long and hard about it and, in the end, decided to write the direction my brain took me. I chose not to modify myself so that other’s would feel good about me, or themselves. Many people might be uncomfortable with what I wrote, which, by the way, all ‘incidents’ occurred somewhere at some point time, and I was privy to know about them either because I dispatched the initial call, took the report, or transcribe the statement. It is NOT my intention to be offensive, or to show the nasty side of people. People can truly be as weird and mean as they may sometimes seem, I just gave them a place in my stories to live on.

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  1. Jeff Schafer says:

    Looking forward to your daily posts!


  2. Mary Demoret says:

    Mikki, You touch my heart and you are an inspiration to me ever since the first time we met in the blog. I appreciate you, your life your tenderness yet firm convictions on life. Thank you. MM

    Liked by 1 person

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