My Father


I recently lost my Dad. No, I didn’t misplace him as I occasionally do my keys or phone, he changed his energy form and left this world as we know it.  I say ‘lost’ because at times that’s exactly how I feel, lost. I had always respected my Dad and loved him in a way that honored my respect and connected to the child within that he hid only to be let out every so often. He was an enigma at times that only my Mother fully understood. He was manipulative in ways that encouraged personal growth and he never hovered about with humiliation. He was steady, calm and trustworthy. He set the standard that I compare other people too. Unfortunately, most people all too often simply fall short.

My Dad had been a strong presence in my life since day one. His support came in many ways with that last being his ability to fully understand my job and offer fatherly support in a way that helped me understand and want to do better.

I now must make the adjustment to continue on in the manner he had taught me, with grace and dignity, knowing in my heart and my head what he would reply if I were to ask. I must look for the memories to remind me of his guidance and know that I may feel alone but I do not have to feel lost.



About mikkiroderick

With age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes maturity. Maturity is not synonymous with growing up. I'm still a child at heart.
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