Bullies Come in all Shapes & Sizes

bulliesDon’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover – Jadyn Rylee

Watching this video took me back several years, twice. First to the time when my sweet loving daughter was being bullied by several neighborhood girls on the school bus, and then back to when I was in the first grade and was being bullied on the school bus.

My immediate thoughts went to the time when my daughter would get off the bus crying every day. The girls made fun of the color and type of clothes she wore, her hair, her face, and anything else that was different from them and would be hurtful. I was working full-time so picking her up from school everyday wasn’t possible and, from a former bullied person’s perspective, not the best choice. Her father and I tried to help her understand why those girls were picking on her but at that age she couldn’t understand how insecure, emotionally neglected/immature and bullied themselves people thought and acted and that most likely they were striking out because of their own deficiencies. The pain was very real and extremely raw.  We then contacted the parents, well, tried to. We called their homes and left messages on their answering machines, more than once. None of the parents returned our calls. We then filed Bullying charges with the elementary school since it was occurring on the school bus. This got action. Only one of the girl’s parents contacted us to find out what was happening. They even came to our house to talk to us about the situation. They seemed genuinely disturbed that their daughter was a part of the bullying actions and actively parented her. A good example how our need to ‘Fit In’ can cause poor choices.

Things got better in a tense and uncomfortable way for our daughter after that. I can honestly say that those girls will forever be mean and hurtful unloved people in my eyes. I’ve tried to see them as victims of their own upbringings, or lack there of, but that always melds into nasty faced unpleasant people. I don’t doubt that over half of that group of youthful bullies grew up to become mean, hurtful, insecure and unpleasant adults – Once a Bully, Always a Bully.

The thoughts I leave trailing along behind this post are that you never know which of your choices or actions will be forever embedded in another person’s life. Choose well, be kind, think of what kind of effect you have on others. Be the reason someone smiles.

Ain’t Life Grand!



About mikkiroderick

With age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes maturity. Maturity is not synonymous with growing up. I'm still a child at heart.
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