Understanding Life

My father has been very ill, COPD is absorbing his energy and his existence has changed. My sister and I realize that the days he has left are numbered and that number isn’t very large.

My conversations with him have opened my eyes to a new understanding concerning our existence. I’m finding great importance in understanding how my existence interacts with others and I desire for the ripple I leave in my wake to be of a positive nature, and uplifting. I now choose to see the positive in situations and try to not cause discomfort or stress in other people’s lives.

I’ve realized that my existence does not, nor should it, revolve solely around me and my desires. I am now more concerned about being helpful and not a hindrance. I judge less and become offended less easily. I’ve realized we each have our own time frame in which to reach a point of realization and understanding in life.

Everything happens for a reason though the knowledge and understanding of the reason may be years in arriving if it arrives at all.


About mikkiroderick

With age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes maturity. Maturity is not synonymous with growing up. I'm still a child at heart.
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