Aging, We all do it

I remember being six years old and my biggest concern was eating a popsicle before it dripped down my hand and on to my forearm. Remembering being awkward at twelve conjures up memories minus all the growing pains. Memories from my teens are full of life’s lessons with some pangs from mistakes and some smiles from well made choices. Memories made while co-habituating in society as an adult are the ones that are most vivid with some still packing punch.

Right now I am muddling through life at a time where the lessons are coming at an astonishing pace and they’re filled with many different values. Sometimes I can see what’s new and pick out the values, other times I feel like I’m doing my very best just to  catch as many lessons as possible so I can decipher them later. Unfortunately, I feel I’ve reached a point where I’m ill-equipped to handle what’s coming at me and that my life resembles a circus. But, I keep trudging ahead knowing that everything that is going on is fluid and WILL change, one way or another. There ARE Golden lessons on their way to me and I’m very thankful to be their beneficiary.

I was not raised in a situation where grandparents where an integral part of my life as two had past away and two were not accessible.  I have no memories of how this phase of my life is to be accomplished. No visions pop up of how my mom cared for her aging parents nor memories of my dad supporting his. My earlier life doesn’t include memories of that nature so I’ll have to make new ones who’s creation will be uniquely their own as I now find myself old enough to have an aging parent.

I’m finding that respect for the aging process is dependent on a person’s physical and mental health. We have to understand how our bodies are changing while we choose which path we’ll travel knowing some days will be easier than others. Each day is new and offers brand new opportunities.

There are days I wake up and hear my joints crack or feel a stiffness that doesn’t fad right away. My hair has decided that it’s independence is more important than my vanity. My skin is delicate and requires more water than I desire to drink. My brain has slowed down a bit since it’s added patience and empathy to the processing pattern it’s now using. My eyes are now sending information directly to my heart while by-passing the stops at Judgment and Condemnation. Compassion guards my mouth with only the occasional escapes of “I wish I hadn’t said That’s”.

I believe I’m picking my battles better because I can now see what’s hidden behind the front lines. The tools I’m using don’t require sharpening or mending as often, and my armor fits better though it may not be the latest fashion. Certain things keep popping to the surface or shining brighter than others with Kindness being one of those things I feel emanating from within.

Nothing happens in this life that doesn’t have the possibility of providing an opportunity for growth in one form or another. WE get to be in charge of the direction of growth. WE get to choose whether a memory or regret is created. WE get to choose if they are tears of joy or not. There is so much power bestowed upon us concerning the creation of our memories. Use that power wisely as the ripple it makes in life may touch numerous lives. Be the reason someone smiles.

Ain’t Life Grand!

About mikkiroderick

With age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes maturity. Maturity is not synonymous with growing up. I'm still a child at heart.
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