Being Thankful & Showing Gratitude

Being grateful for someone or something and showing gratitude can and often are two separate feelings that can and may be displayed differently, if displayed at all.

Gratitude, thankfulness, or gratefulness is the proper, fitting or called-for response to benefits or beneficence from a benefactor. ”  Definition of Gratitude

As the years have progressed I have found that I find great value in ‘Thank You’s, not only the expressions of my gratitude TO the person(s) whom have bestowed gifts (physical or emotional) to me, but also in RECEIVING Thank Yous from others.

I send Thank You cards in the mail, and/or email & text Thank Yous, depending on the circumstances and individual who bestowed the gift upon me. For me it is very important for the giver to know how much I appreciate their time to think of me, their effort in acquiring the gift and their choosing to give it to me. I am genuinely grateful to be important enough to that person for all those things to occur.

Now, here’s where I need to do some non judgmental work on my thought process – the NOT receiving a Thank You, especially if the gift took a lot of time and effort to create or cost me a lot of money  (because the expense was me making personal sacrifices to have that money to spend on the other person).  When the person does not show gratitude to me as I would to them had the situation been reversed, I then ‘feel’ as though they do not appreciate the gift nor acknowledge the sacrifices I made in order to gift it to them. In turn I seem to translate that to that person not valuing ME very much – which may NOT be the case at all. The other thought that has popped up is that person feeling as though I owe that sacrifice/gift to them so therefore they do not need to show me any gratitude.

I have to remember to NOT assume other people hold and respect the same Value System of emotions and actions as I do, and THAT’S OKAY – we all have our own unique personal value system designed just for us by our upbringing and life’s lessons. I don’t want to be expected to place someone else’s values and beliefs above my own, so therefore I should not expect someone else to do the same.

We are all unique and that’s what makes us special. As we connect and meld into our own little path of existence in the world we help others see their value and to shine. It’s when we all shine as only we can that the world is a brighter and happier place to be.

Ain’t Life Grand!


About mikkiroderick

With age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes maturity. Maturity is not synonymous with growing up. I'm still a child at heart.
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1 Response to Being Thankful & Showing Gratitude

  1. Tiffany Huebner says:

    I have always been taught that when you are generous or thoughtful or kind to never expect gratitude to be shown. It’s so difficult to remember the act of just giving without expectation of receiving. I struggle with this as I’m sure most humans do.

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