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Lack of ‘Thank Yous’ & the Ignored Texts

The inability to find the time to acknowledge another person or their participation in your life (no mater the form – thanks yous, text messages and/or phone calls for example) is rude. This alone is a perfect display of a … Continue reading

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fb/theIdealist I’m getting better at it, though I still encounter times where I fall flat on my face. I find that ‘noticing’ the things that happen around me FIRST helps me to understand my reaction(s) and therefore I can (attempt … Continue reading

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Family Photos & Body Language

I find it interesting that true feelings seem to be expressed and displayed through photos without the Teller of the Tale knowing they shared.  Check out your family photos for some interesting revelations – those who lean away from you, those who … Continue reading

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Depression Has No Season

Once again the Holidays are upon us. This is a great time of year, for most folks. Please be sensitive and patient with those who seem a bit out of step with the festivities. Though we may not be privy … Continue reading

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Traveling Pets Public Service Announcement

If you travel with your pet in your vehicle please have them in a kennel if possible, especially one designed for travel – it’s for their safety, and yours. Also, please tape a photo of the pet(s) along with their … Continue reading

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Toxic People

‘Toxic’ people operate differently depending on their audience. Most talk bad about people to make themselves look better, and feel better. The very sad thing is that I don’t think they know they are loved, or feel loved. Self-esteem is in … Continue reading

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Police – Good or Bad?

Unfortunately, we’ve reached a societal age where this question is valid, again. ‘Police’ men or women are human beings who have chosen to go through specific training to enable them to be able to be competent at a difficult high … Continue reading

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Evil or Just Rotten

It’s always easier, and less painful, when we view destruction from afar. When it touches our lives, in one form or another, it seems to carry with it multiple areas of concern and pain. Frustration multiplies when, due to circumstances … Continue reading

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