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That Evil Icon on My Phone

I’ve come to realize that there is one app I should have NEVER installed on my phone. It seems to posses an unnatural ability to make minutes, sometimes even multiplied by ten,  disappear from my day AND suck away my ability … Continue reading

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It’s Hard to Love the Dog Who Bites

We have a dog whom we got through a rescue group. He’s a nice little guy but. . . . at times he bites. We refer to him as our broken dog to avoid a lengthy story . Usually he’s well … Continue reading

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Why Do People Talk Bad About Others

Questions – WHY do people choose to talk negatively, or badly about another person, especially someone whom they don’t know well? WHAT is it that they desire to see happen? WHAT is their motivation? HOW much damage are they attempting … Continue reading

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5 Simple Truths of Friendships

As I trundle around my home with my vacuum cleaner sucking up all matter of dust, bugs and dog hair my mind wonders. I hum nonsensical words to odd rhythms with no intention of sounding pleasant. One of the methods … Continue reading

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NOT This Direction, Folks!

When I posted in  2016 USA Election Results to ‘get involved in change’ this is NOT what I was referring to!!!!! We have historical evidence that hatred has never been good and that throughout history it has been at the root … Continue reading

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Buttons & Marbles

I recently lost a button off my sweater, which is actually better than loosing a marble out of my head.

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2016 USA Election Results

The Election is over. We have a ‘Winner’ and a future President. MANY of the American Public (I assume those who voted) seem to be unhappy with the results. It’s okay to be unhappy and it’s okay to have “Voter’s Remorse”.  It’s … Continue reading

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