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Our Words Matter

If you spent as much energy and time telling me that you love me as you do criticizing me it wouldn’t feel like you don’t like me. Advertisements

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We Are the Sum of Our Life’s Experiences

I am once again reminded that we are the sum of our life’s experiences. I viewed a photo on Google+ and saw things in the photo that connected to facts I am aware of, which was not the intended purpose … Continue reading

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Love. . . . Yourself

Anita Moorjani at TEDxBayArea SO worth watching! (click on the link for an eye opening TED)

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Secrets are a tool to hide Secrets are a tool to shield. Secrets  can tell lies Secrets can kill. If you are offended by my secrets Maybe it’s simply because you are not trustworthy or kind. You are quick to judge … Continue reading

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Life Lessons

I believe that every breath we take in life is a gift, and that every interaction, whether involving a human connection or not, contains a ‘Life Lesson’. Many times in life I have been too confused to see the valuable … Continue reading

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be together. not the same.

Android Piano Commercial The creators of this commercial got the theme of life correct – OUR DIFFERENCES ARE WHAT MAKE LIFE MORE BEAUTIFUL. Respect for another person’s ‘oddities’ should change our thought from, “They’re weird,” to, “That’s a different way to be and … Continue reading

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Raw Emotions . . .

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