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Your Awakening

(I did not write this, however, I feel the information it contains is vital for everyone) Excerpt: “You learn that principles such as honesty and integrity are not the outdated ideals of a bygone era, but the mortar that holds … Continue reading

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Interacting With Others

We don’t live in an isolated environment these days, unless it’s by choice. Inevitably there will be opportunities to interact with people who, otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking forward to conversing with.  So, what do you do? How do you … Continue reading

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The Older I Get. . .

I find it’s necessary to know that a seat at a person’s table is by invitation only. I respect that and know that my ‘opinion’, whether it is inline with that person’s thinking, or not, is not invited along with … Continue reading

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These are the Marigolds and Basil seeds I planted in little wine glasses. When I look out the window and see dreary brown of a faded winter that has yet to mature into spring, the bright yellow petals smile at me … Continue reading

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Sharing Thoughts on a Book

I came across this title while perusing some books online. The title didn’t catch my eye, actually it caused a little chuckle. What came to mind is the thought that a specific group of folks who follow a certain religion can now … Continue reading

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Life as a Teacher

I don’t enjoy being a person who learns things ‘The Hard Way’, however, I have noticed that when I do learn things in that format they seems to stick a lot deeper, and last a long time, if not a … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech or Lack of Self Control

I have to admit that it is nice living in the day, age and location that I live. I enjoy several personal freedoms that others don’t.  With those freedoms also comes responsibility. Let’s take the ‘Freedom of Speech’ for example. … Continue reading

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