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The Power of Forgiveness

I couldn’t have worded this better. Mary Rivas did a fabulous job and I am sharing her article. “The act of forgiveness is a strategy to become neutral, to reset the game, to start fresh. Forgiveness is a decision, an … Continue reading

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YOUR Words & Actions DO Affect Others

Most people don’t believe this statement refers to them. They are nice, kind and caring individuals so they don’t have to worry about being self-focused. But. . . . it DOES happen to the nicest people you know, and can … Continue reading

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Friendships can be multi-level, multi-awareness events. You meet someone and somewhere in your being something connects with that person. Usually, the connection starts with familiar things such as likes, dislikes, locations, habits, etc.  You like that you can connect with … Continue reading

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The old adage ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ does carry a lot of weight, and, in fact, is very true. If you don’t want someone to assume anything, good or bad or indifferent about you speak your peace, don’t assume … Continue reading

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There have been many times I have felt like I have failed as a parent. As I have grown older, and it appears wiser, I look back and sometimes I feel deep pain as I recall things that I wish … Continue reading

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Being Bitten by Karma

I find rudeness to be very offensive and it bothers me tremendously when I find that I have been rude to others. I do NOT like being in crowded places, I never have. Sometimes the excitement of why I’m there … Continue reading

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A Positive View Point

Set emotions aside, re-group and find the positive.  Every event in one’s life can lead to personal growth. Use your path to become the best you possible.

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Energy.       Consider the concept:  All existence consists of energy.

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