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Finding Out ‘Who’ You Really Are

I introspect, and I don’t always like what I find. For years I have tried to hide from what I’ve discovered about myself simply because I didn’t like what I’ve found.  Today is different. I can’t hide, and I can’t … Continue reading

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Determining Your Workplace Worth

I’ve known both kinds of people in supervisory positions. A ‘Leader’ notices your worth and helps you to become the best employee that you can. It’s a Team Effort, and it makes working there very enjoyable, which, in turn helps … Continue reading

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Social Media: Connections That Are Broken

I do have a facebook page. I got started when my son was in Iraq. Access to the internet for them was sporadic. I have continued to use fb as it connects me with activities and events that my family … Continue reading

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I’m Excited, and a Bit Apprehensive

I am not a proponent of ‘Religion’, so to speak. My personal experience with those who wear their religion like a badge on their puffed up chests while their actions are contradictory to the basic fundamentals of the faith they … Continue reading

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