Would Loan Out Something That You Have Borrowed

Please take the Poll below and help me see where today’s society stands on this issue.  I would really appreciated your comments as to why you answered the way you did and what your opinion on loaning/borrowing is Please leave your comments below.   Thank You.



The reason for this Poll is that I recently heard about someone asking to borrow something from someone else, and then loaning it out to another person. When the owner finally went to that original borrower’s home to retrieve the item it was not in the same condition it had been in when it had been originally loaned out.

Then I got to thinking, Am I ‘Old Fashioned’ enough that my belief that you DO NOT loan out something that is not yours is out dated and no longer relevant in today’s societies?

If I borrow something I send it back in as close to the condition I borrowed it in, or better, that is, if it needed some cleaning or a little fixing. I have loaned out DVDs only to have them returned scratched and the case broken. One movie I think of in particular because I loaned it out before we had even watched it and that is what happened to it. That alone makes me hesitant to loan anything out. Then . . .  I get to questioning myself, saying that the ‘people’ factor should be more important than the item. So, why not loan it if I have it to loan. Then. . . . I get to wonder if their opinion of me is represented in the way they treat the item they have borrowed. Oy! It’s a Catch 22!


About mikkiroderick

With age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes maturity. Maturity is not synonymous with growing up. I'm still a child at heart.
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