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To My Husband

Thank you for believing in me when I had doubts.Thank you for kind words when my mind only found criticism.Thank you for encouraging me when I felt fear.Thank you for loving me when I didn’t know how.Thank you for not … Continue reading

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Waxing with Age and Wisdom

{    Waxing:  noun  #7.  a person or object suggesting wax, as in manageability or malleability: I am helpless was in your hands.    verb #9.  to fill the crevices of (ornamental marble) with colored material.} {  Waxing Moon — The term used to describe the period of the Moon as it moves from a … Continue reading

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Beauty can be found if we take the time to look

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Would Loan Out Something That You Have Borrowed

Please take the Poll below and help me see where today’s society stands on this issue.  I would really appreciated your comments as to why you answered the way you did and what your opinion on loaning/borrowing is Please leave … Continue reading

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When a Lesson Seems to be a Haunting

I’m still ‘haunted’ by a recent event, and the only reason I can think that this haunting is occurring is because the lesson learned from it may not be as deep seeded into my brain as it needs to be. … Continue reading

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  I don’t mind the cold, and I find the beauty of snow on the ground to be unique and encompassing of many feelings of awe. But . . . . . . (you can’t say you didn’t feel a … Continue reading

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