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Behavior Unbecoming

Those two words together in that order can conjure some extrodinary thoughts. Maybe you’ve heard it stated as ‘Conduct Unbecoming’. Either way my guess is that if you hear those words your interest has been peaked because of the innate … Continue reading

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Memories of Old

At times events of the past return to the present as a memory and tagging along behind is the feral dog of emotions bringing with it the odor of mistakes. As those memories re-color themselves in my mind my heart … Continue reading

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The Obligatory Gift Giving Season Will Soon be Upon Us

 I woke up this morning with my mind going directly into ‘hyper mode’ as I realized its December 4th already! My friends, neighbors and relatives celebrate Christmas and I celebrate Hanukkah, which, in all reality means I celebrate both. Christmas … Continue reading

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Returning from an Unscheduled Stop in Life

In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t been online much the past week.  I had a few nights of less sleep than desired which turned into night with less sleep than what was needed (to keep me from being crabby) … Continue reading

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