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(untitled fiction – a work in progress)

No one plans on dying; at least I don’t think they do. Maybe the people who are depressed or suicidal toy with the idea of ending their lives but I doubt for most of them it’s a cherished goal. So … Continue reading

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The humility of an authentic Hero accentuates my inadequacies

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A Monster from My Past

Times have changed and modern conveniences, or necessities depending on how you look at them, are an integral part of most of our lives.  I’m not an anti-progress person because I value old architecture and love to look at it, … Continue reading

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A Saying From My Youth

When I think back on my growing up years I have mostly benign or happy thoughts about that time. I didn’t lead a totally sheltered life, there were traumas, but for the most part my early years were normal, even … Continue reading

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Life has gotten in the way of living lately

There have been some out-of-the-ordinary events happen in and around me in the last week and I have not had the time to write let-alone post, and for that I apologize. As I make headway on some things and gain … Continue reading

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